At AIMS ERP, we provide you with high-end quality of ERP Solutions which can bring revolution in the development of your business. As, we have organized greater deals for your business and provide a structured process for different business sectors including Garments, Food Industry, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Import & Export Sector, Trading Sector, Custom Manufacturing, Automotive, and others. With our POS system, stocking is intuitive, selling is easy, and growth happens naturally. Move beyond processing transactions, to empowering experiences to increase sales.


Expand your business with AIMS ERP and let your multiple businesses owned and managed by a single software effectively. Smart retailers use data to drive all decisions. Aims is a powerful management platform designed to keep you agile and productive. User-friendly, our multi store POS software has the tools you need to grow profitably! Our multistore retail software serves you like a one-stop-shop with separate reporting of each inventory and accounting information for each business registered at the same time. The software serves your best to deal with your multiple warehouses or branches with its unique theme and layouts for each. You can change your themes and layouts according to your requirements.


In today’s modern era POS is something that is necessary for retailers and other users as well. Aims ERP provides you a strong base for your business through our intelligent POS software with user and role management functionality. Our innovative marketing tool empowers you to get your customers back in store. The digitally designed dashboard in our Cloud POS software will allow you to customize your employee roles as per their job descriptions and responsibilities. It allows you to add an unlimited number of staff members and roles as Cashier, Sales Man, Service Man, Accountant and Commission Agents. Similarly Customers and Suppliers with their areas, category and credit limits.


You can manage your business transactions such as sellers and customers by keeping individual and detailed ledgers and other financial records. Aims ERP software lets you resolve your debtors and creditors’ problems with assigning limits for business payments.

Cloud-based POS system mobilizes you with the easy transactions and help in setting your split payments method by which you can split down your payments with cash, credit card, bank payments, and checks management. Meanwhile, customers and suppliers will get instant payment alerts on their mobile devices with SMS and email subscriptions. AIMS ERP can be operated with multiple currencies, which will make payment methods flexible all around the globe. Easy transactions would be helpful in all means.


Categorization of products under the label of different brands, categories, and subcategories helps you in the goods management and procurement process. Aims ERP system also provides you with alerts on low stock quantity. You can add as many items as you can, each item is defined by product code and auto-generated SKU number with your desired prefixes for the memorization and recording process. It also manages auto profit updates by keeping the record of purchasing and selling prices and calculates its profits on product category, subcategory, and brands. Multiple variations like colors, sizes, dimensions, and types help you to enter products one time and set their unique variations and SKUs to minimize data usage with artificial intelligence-based algorithms installed in the system.


With the right POS system in place you can keep an eye on all your purchases and sales records and their divisions as well. While running a business; managing procurements is very difficult. So, by AIMS ERP software you can easily manage your purchase division by adding batch-wise purchases, purchase orders, quotations for different locations/shops in the same system. Keep records of your due purchases and sell in a single click and a glimpse at the dashboard with quick notifications reduces your liabilities. You can introduce discounted prices on combo or bundle deals offered on special occasions with tax management and restriction to sale on below purchase prices to keep the best profit margins and tax management. Aims provide most of the facilities just to make you sure that your customers won’t regret.


POS screen has made the business monopoly easy to handle, as per client requirement its friendly user interface make it easier for staff that reduces the long queues of customers at cash counters to maintain rapid transactions. Making payments and transactions through our pos would be easier than before. Our pos will keep all your retail records in it and whenever you need it it would be just few clicks away from you.It helps you create quick and easy billing with customize multiple invoice layouts while keeping the record of both draft and final bills. You can make different changes according to your demands. It keeps your retail records for your ease.


Experience the journey of professionalism; which to everything keeps you informed with the transactions, sells, purchases, and customer services via email or SMS. Keep track of your business by subscribing to our mobile POS software, which will help you in the improvement of your business. AIMS ERP not only helps you in keeping the records of your transactions but also generate so many business intelligent reports to monitor your business profits and inventory updates. Gather the data that’s right for your business and report on it in any way you want. Whether you are only using POS or complete ERP you will be having the standard reporting of all the financial activities performed that keep you updated, and in addition to that, it will provide you with safe and secure transactions without any inaccuracy. 


AIMS ERP software serves you with the digitalization of businesses, provide you with the best online POS, which manages customer self-esteem, and offer such enterprises that becomes irresistible. However, with our complete ERP software, you can keep a record of your customer history and can explore that how often your customers ordered a product from your store, and what are their reviews about it and what your customers seek in a certain time. Show your customers that you care by asking valuable feedback from them.  The time saved by Aims can be better spent helping their valued customers. Moreover, you can design your invoices, emails and SMS templates to give their customers a uniqueness in their business nature. These are the things, which leaves an impact of happiness for your customers.


Web-based POS software; AIMSE ERP is the system, which keeps an eye on user feedback and constantly enhancing its user interface to facilitate its customers. Giving user friendly software to our customers is our first priority. Customer needs should be checked and fulfilled as well. Due to its flexible prices and periodic updates, people like it and try it once to use it and refer to others. The all in one solution with its no comparable features of multi-currencies, multi-languages, stock adjustments, easy transactions, customize barcoding and systematic reporting will surely be your best business partner then no need to invest extra money on other third-party integrations as it has everything in one solution. Aims Erp is affordable by all means and user friendly as well. You would not be get worried about from where to start or where to end.Get our complete ERP solution now!


When we speak of quality, we speak of our deliberate team because without them nothing could have been possible especially our customer support team, which is among one of the best, as it offers you quick responses whenever you have a question. Each of our support team members has extensive knowledge of the product. They can help with any issue that our customers might have. Our support team is active around the clock, they are ever ready to answer your queries. You’ll never see any hidden fees or charges for anything we offer. And that includes all support services. Get a hold of our support team through your preferred method. We’re always here for you. Our support team would never disappoint you. You can catch them whenever you want. We suggest you once try our service!

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