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Why Strong Businesses Ground in Retail Point of Sale Systems

retail point of sale systems

Ever wondered about the things that make a retail business successful? Quality products, loyal customer base, and a force of dedicated employees, to name a few, right? But there’s something that only the strongest of all businesses have behind their success— retail point of sale systems.

POS for retail stores is an all-in-one solution for all your business management hassles. It automates everything that goes in and out of your stores, and here’s how.

Faster and better customer service

With the best retail POS software, you get the complete package to make customers happy. Save their time by creating instant receipts for their purchases. Offer them the flexibility of paying for their buys with multiple payment methods.  For example, cash, credit card, check, and bank payments. Appreciate them by giving loyalty points to get free products or services in the future. Best customer service with the best retail POS, check!

Automated digital marketing

The retail star POS software has a digital marketing tool that sends your customers automated notifications. All you have to do is register every walk-in customer in the AIMS ERP retail point of sale systems. Once done, your POS system will manage all your customers’ databases. The next time you have a new product or service or a special discount, use this tool. Simply create an email and populate the recipients from your retail system’s customer email records. Hit “send” and your customers will rush back to you for the more, promise!

Painless inventory management

Managing inventory is a real pain. This happens mostly when you try to do it with pen and paper or even Microsoft sheets. The best point of sale system for retail has the pill for this pain. Enter an automated inventory management system and add as many items pains you need. You can label them with different system-generated product codes and SKUs. This way, you can effortlessly search for these items on the POS screen and track their sales. You will also get system alerts for your low stock items to place timely reorders. All good on better inventory tracking and management, yeah? 

Regular reports of sales numbers

This one’s particularly important for helping you grow your business. Retail sales software will generate intelligent reports for everything. From your item purchases to sales, taxes, profits, and inventory, you’ll get all kinds of reports. You will be able to make smarter and intuitive decisions with better insights. You can analyze the performance of your business to see where you stand. From there, you can plan better for where you want to go. 

Like the AIMS ERP retail POS, a smart retail system has a mobile app. It helps you pull up all these sales reports on your phone anytime and anywhere you want. Just sit back, relax, and sip your coffee. Your phone will show you everything that’s going on at your store/s.

Lookout for employee activities

Remember how we talked about a dedicated force of employees to run a successful retail business? How about a system to keep tabs of their activities to see how reliable they are? A retail POS system software has an employee management feature. You can use it as your third eye to watch the activities of your employees. The system is also smart enough to record their check-in and check-out timings. So, you can stay informed on their shift start, shift end, and everything they did in between. Who sold what and to whom, the employee management feature has got it all covered.

You can also set up different employee roles like cashier, salesman, serviceman, manager, etc. Once done, you can assign permission to these roles to control who has access to what. When your employees have separate accounts with defined roles and permissions, you can see their performance. Way to be a boss, right?

One system for all stores

Do you think retail business people have multiple retail points of sale systems for their multiple stores? No, not at all. They manage all their stores with a single AIMS ERP retail point of sale software. So can you. Register your multi-store business with the best retail POS to make smart decisions for all your stores. You’ll have separate inventory, sales, employee, and customer reports for all stores. You can also manage your warehouses and franchises with the same piece of software. Isn’t that wonderful? But wait, it gets even better!

To make things more fun, you can set different themes and layouts for each store. When you look at the screen, your subconscious will instantly tell you what store you are on. High-five!

A free and cheap solution

Are you wondering about the price of such retail point of sale systems? Well, you have nothing to worry about, because they are relatively cheap, even free. AIMS ERP retail POS is a cheap pos software that has a variety of packages. The cheapest one is free and is best suited for small retail businesses. Moreover, the POS solution helps you cut down your operational costs and run an error-free business. That means, getting yourself a retail system, you won’t be spending your money but saving it.

Ready to join the club of successful retail businesses?

We have just spelled out the secret of most strong retail businesses’ success. Now, it’s your turn to sleep over it and act. After all, the year 2020 is upon us, and technology is taking over the world. Retail businesses are evolving every day and posing you a severe competition. You want to stand out in the pool of all these retail companies and brand your business? Better get a retail point of sale system in time. Get faster customer services, digital marketing, inventory, employee, and multi-store management, and sales reporting solutions. However, these are only a few of all the excellent solutions it has in store for you. Try out the free trial and experience the magic of the best retail pos software in town. 

We sincerely hope that you make a name for yourself and your retail business. 

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