Product Management

AIMS Retail ERP serves you with the detailed product management features such as product master data, product categories to define products according to product categories, types, brand names, and product specifications in detail. Product Variations such as several sizes, colors, materials, expiration dates and more. Each variation can have its price, SKU, weight, and inventory. It also helps you assign an existing barcode to the product or create a new one with your desired prefixes. More advanced features include the product warranty management, product expiration handling with stock updates. Filled with all the required features to manage and handle your product anywhere anytime. Product management unites business, product development, marketing, and sales. One of the critical activities of product management is creating and documenting a product strategy.

Inventory Management

An effective inventory management system produces a lean, empowered and responsible team. Managing the count of inventory is the most important role in the success of your business. Managing retail inventory electronically, ideally through a POS system, makes everything easier on you. There’s no need to crunch numbers or spend hours at your desk when your POS updates all of that for you automatically. With AIMS Retail ERP system you can optimize and maintain the accurate inventory levels through automatic updates and visibility across your all locations with frequent counts easily thus, the real-time check on your stock enables you to have quick replenishment of the top-selling products while assisting you in the phasing out of products which are low in sale as well. The AIMS ERP for retail generates detailed reports that make you more informed of further purchasing.

HR Management

The HRM module helps companies to manage their HR more efficiently. It connects human resources with information technology and thus enables you to manage your workforce to improve capabilities and grow your businesses. It simplifies HR processes to drive better business results. With AIMS Retail ERP, you can simplify HRD in your company and focus more on developing your business. The HRM feature of our Cloud-based ERP helps you evaluate employees regularly to encourage and improve their performance, tracking work hours and attendance, payroll, managing employee taxes and making surveys. It centralizes important employee information and provides access rights to authorized people. It manages all costs without making any mistakes and manages the recruitment process more smoothly.

POS Terminal

The cloud-based POS system centralize all your products and helps you simplify your sales process, allows you to manage all of your stores from anywhere, automatically align products and prices in all stores, track all items and your transaction history quickly, monitor customers, payments, sales, etc. others in just a few clicks. AIMS POS terminal does record all the sales process starting from who buys, what is purchased, at what price and at what discount is obtained, using what the payment is. Terminals can also be used in standalone mode, where the retailer keys the amount into the terminal before the customer present their card and personal identification number (PIN). The fast-tracking of the checkout process, item search, and order and transaction history give a pleasant experience to your customers.

Integrated Accounting

AIMS ERP payment accounts help you remove errors of accounts mainly occur in manual accounting as every transaction whether it is a purchase or sale will be recorded and processed to be presented in the form of financial statements. As the business grows, so does the complexity of managing its accounts. Aims is the software that an organization uses to oversee its accounting problems. A separate voucher system for customers, suppliers, and bank help you audit accounts for funds, dues and payables thus, create perfect cash flow. Features included in the accounting management module will save your time and help you manage the record of bills, assets, taxes, and depreciation. It does accept cash, debit and credit cards and programmed to accept multiple currencies too. Our solutions are well integrated, giving you access to real-time business intelligence to make a better decision.

Real-Time Reporting

A business with instant reporting is always beneficial to take a quick view of the entire performance thus help you make future decisions. Real-time reporting includes to help you understand what is successful and what needs improvement, from products, to staff, inventory and more. Aims Retail ERP generates a detailed report on a daily basis with auto-updates of sales, purchases, stocks, payments, expenses, and taxation with profit-loss statements so that they can be used as a basis for making decisions for determining company strategy. A graphical representation helps you track the most trending products too. Separate sales records of workers evaluate the performance of individuals too.

Multi-Store Management

Whether you are the owner of a single retail store or running multiple branches, AIMS ERP offers Cloud-Based ERP to get connected your all branches together and operated from a single software. To manage different branches, it gives you user management control to take account of different salespersons with their complete profile and role thus, generate an individual’s complete sales report. Similarly, the purchases, sales and other transactions from all the branches added will be recorded and thus form the detailed reports of each. Manage multiple locations through aims dashboard that keeps you in the loop About all things at each location. Take control of your operations on-the-go, As our software works on any device with a web-browser. Your business is available anywhere at any time. AIMS ERP serves your multi-store with different layouts with all the same functions at the same cost.

Easy Documentation and Messaging

AIMS Retail ERP provides some essential features to help you manage all your documents and important receipts in a soft form. The instant messaging service to make instant announcements among your employees or special discount offers or promotions among your customers. It gives extra features of managing your To-Do list with reminders. AIMS Mobile and Cloud-based ERP is a ready-made product developed by reliable research and developed team. Retail sector requires a massive campaign of direct mail, email or inserts to be effective. This makes messaging a convenient and very effective way to get a message to consumers. AIMS ERP retails software is always innovating and following the latest trends, so the system will always be updated regularly.

Customization and Instant Support

Our retail ERP software is already packed with advanced features with an aim to grow your business faster in an easy, secure and convenient way. Though all features are there to make your business digitalized and smart, however, they can also be customized as per your business needs, so you can ask for the addition of modules that will be useful for your retail business. Our engineers and business specialist are always there to answer your queries. They are available round the clock to ensure that the AIMS Retail ERP is working well. We want to ensure we can be available for you when you need us. Keeping in touch with your clients is a vital part of your business but it can take up your valuable time. Save your time and send status updates automatically via SMS and email.

Customer Database

An important feature of AIMS Retail ERP to maintain data of your customers with their complete profile only once mainly at the time of transaction. Customer management data allows the retailer to keep track of automated outreach programs, loyalty programs, and cross-marketing ties to other stores and sites. Retail customer databases are organized collections of data about individual consumers. It helps you track your regular customers easily and to make a record of their cash and dues with a reminder set. A consolidated database structure in our Cloud-Based ERP also allows better administration and security or to evade losing any important data. Each customer with its complete profile of purchases will help you categorize them as per their trends and shopping habits thus will help you to acknowledge them regarding new promotions and branding via Email or SMS notifications.

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