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AIMS ERP brings you the best restaurant pos software

restaurant pos software

Introduction to our pos restaurant system

To run a restaurant business in today’s competitive environment is not possible without having a data-driven approach to decision making. A restaurant owner needs to make several decisions that are crucial for the survival of any business. Aims ERP’s restaurant pos software is the perfect partner to have in order to maximize customer service experience and boost sales to earn more revenue for the business.

Our restaurant pos offers a variety of features that are user-friendly and also free for the new start-ups. Let’s re-innovate your restaurant business experience by grabbing the advantage of having a point of sale systems for restaurants like no other in the market. To enhance your experience and ensure customer satisfaction we are here to offer our services for our valuable clients.

Key features of AIMS ERP restaurant pos software

This restaurant billing software supports multiple payment methods and eases the lives of customers as well as the owners of the business. Now it’s time to throw away those big calculators and manual registers as this software do all that for its owner at absolutely no cost. Following are the restaurant features

  • Data of the customers can now be managed without a hassle. The data management feature of this restaurant pos software enables the users to access the data regarding customers and even their reviews immediately.
  • This software has the most easy-to-understand Inventory Management System which can save the restaurant from incurring losses due to wastage. Now, the business owners can ensure accuracy in their orders for supplies and re-stocking.
  • The Multi-menu management system makes it the best pos for restaurant available in the market. The orders can be managed quickly and this software also alerts the owners regarding a vacant table or whether an order has been served and finished.
  • The easy to use interface only requires basic computer knowledge. Even a newbie can easily understand the functioning of this software and start to automate the business processes without any professional training.

What makes it the best pos system for restaurant?

This square restaurant pos has the ability to adapt according to the requirements of your business. It provides the best Accounting system to its users. Manual register are no more required as this fast and efficient software calculates the sales and purchases related data in no time for its owners. It is a perfect business partner to have in essence.

This software also makes it easy to prepare combo deals. The data gathered by the system can be used to design specific combo deals in order to boost the revenue by targeted selling technique.

This software automates the orders management and helps sort orders by their cooking time. It saves considerable time and effort to run the business more efficiently. This unique software also has a cooking management system that supports food preparation as per the recipes prescribed by the restaurant owner.

Now there is no need to call the experts in order to find out the financial health of your restaurant. The sales report generation feature of this software does all that and more for a restaurant owner. Through these reports, the owner can forecast the business plans and make important decisions regarding the upsizing/downsizing of the business.

Highlights of free restaurant pos software

The features elaborated above make it the best free restaurant pos software in the market. This software has a variety of plans for users ranging from free to premium services. The free services included in this software are given below.

Products: The free version allows 50 products to be entered in the pos restaurant system.

Invoices: It offers 100 invoices to be made free of charge.

Users: One user is allowed to operate this system for free.

Store location: One store location can be on the restaurant POS software free of cost.

Cash register: One cash register can also be maintained at no cost.

Reports: Sales and performance reports can be generated as many times as required.

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