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Stats shows that there are more than 7.1 million online retailers and 15 million restaurants in the whole world. It represents an excellent opportunity for AIMS ERP partners to expand their business with a tried and trusted product.

AIMS ERP is totally committed to supporting its partners who wish to market the AIMS ERP products. We are aware of the demand that is out there for world class POS and ERP solutions. At present, the market is dominated by two types of suppliers. One are the non-professional outfits who supply a solution but are unable to provide the vital after sales support that every business needs. The others offer high priced solutions that very often are beyond the budgetary capacity of most business persons.

The AIMS ERP system is perfectly positioned in terms of user management, accounts & inventory management, suitability, quality, pricing and after sales support. As a partner, you can easily tap into the huge potential that is out there at very low risk. You can select the partnership program that is best aligned to your values and objectives.

When you become AIMS ERP Partner

Direct sales support

AIMS ERP and its experienced resellers will provide strategies and know-how to boost your sales. Our team is available from Monday to Friday to help you and your clients.


In order to sell any product, you obviously need to know about it. We provide training to our resellers so that they can sell products easily, reduce the sales cycle and conquer new business opportunities.

Technical support

We provide technical assistance to help you optimize the configuration and use of AIMS ERP products and adapt them to customer needs. Our technical team is here to support you.

We provide opportunities

You can count on our team to show you the best business opportunities and thus grow sales. We’re always alert.

Commercial alignment with the market

We offer advantageous sales margins to profit from our partnership. Your satisfaction is essential, and, to this end, our team is constantly keeping an eye on the market to ensure the best results.

    If you feel you (an individual) or your company can be our reseller partner in any region of the world, fill in the form below!

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