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According to the findings in research by Plomp, M.G.A.; Huiden, R.P.; Batenburg, R.S. (2011) conducted in the Netherlands on 37 small retailers, having a Point-of-Sale system considerably increased their chances of success. Whereas, the chances of success, for a small business start-up in today’s technological age, without having a proper POS system in place were negligible. Today, every business requires a fully functional and integrated POS system for running the business operations smoothly whether it is a brick-and-mortar or online business. For these reasons, AIMS ERP, with its free features for small and medium enterprises, offers the best POS system solution.

The variety of features offered by the AIMS ERP POS system makes it a unique software for a business entity that wants to expand operations in the future and make it big in the global market. A retailer, for example, can automate its initial operations for free by utilizing the free features of AIMS ERP software. So If you are a small business owner and you need a one-stop solution for your retail business then AIMS ERP is the best free online POS software available in the market. Moreover, this software also includes paid solutions to automate entire business processes.

What makes AIMS ERP the best POS system for a business

AIMS ERP software is user-friendly and offers its users an interface that can be operated on multiple devices which include laptops, mobiles and tablets. It also records sales data that can be accessed later on to calculate average sales per day which can be used to make future projections. Moreover, this POS software offers security of data to the owners of any small business. As data theft can be a potential problem for them, this software provides a free solution to this issue by offering a secure platform to perform all the operations.

Another remarkable feature that distinguishes this software from many others in the market is its affordability. The POS software by AIMS ERP is absolutely free for small businesses. The free features as given below are sufficient to start and sustain a new start-up.

Free POS System features of AIMS ERP POS system for small business

  • Products: The free version allows 50 products to be entered into the POS system.
  • Invoices: It offers 100 invoices to be made free of charge.
  • Users: One user is allowed to operate this system for free.
  • Store location: One store location can be on the POS system free of cost.
  • Cash register: One cash register can also be maintained at no cost.
  • Reports: Sales and performance reports can be generated as many times as required.

Benefits of having AIMS ERP POS system

The most important benefit of having this point of sale software for small business is that it frees the user from the hassle of manually maintaining the record of operational transactions and gives them ample time to focus on other important aspects of the business. Small retailers have many responsibilities like managing other staff and ensuring customer satisfaction, this POS system allows them to manage all of that effectively at no/affordable cost.

Furthermore, the POS system of AIMS ERP also offers other paid features that could be of huge benefit once a small business is successfully established. Every business is a going-concern in accounting terms, which means it will go on for a long time and that it will be sustainable over a period of years. So its owner needs to plan ahead in order to actualize its true potential. This software enables digital account maintenance, with this feature, past sales records can be tracked and future earnings can be predicted. Moreover, a manager can also plan the discount policies on the products in-demand accordingly and use the gathered data for a wide range of other purposes.

Client reviews

There are a number of success stories in which small business owners chose the AIMS ERP POS system and successfully automated their business operations. Their reviews are available on our website AIMS ERP Success Story. Our users grew from being a small business entity to a medium-scale enterprise in no time. So if you are a small business owner and tired of the manual processes, then you need to look no further. AIMS ERP POS will be the one-stop solution for your needs.

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