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Best POS Restaurant Software 2020

POS Restaurant Software

If you have a food business or you are planning for it, have a look at AIMS POS Restaurant software to resolve day to day issues to increase your customer footfall and satisfaction while optimizing the pricing. Try Our Billing Free Restaurant POS system today.

POS Restaurant Software a point of sales solution specifically for restaurants, fast food, café, coffee shops, and bakeries, etc. It is used for accounts, inventory management, sales, purchase, and reporting.

What is Restaurant Point of Sale Software?

The restaurant point of sale is a brain behind all business operations. The software handles all the features and data which you need to run a smarter and efficient restaurant.

A Restaurant point of sale is a software system that provides you with orders, bills, production, and wastage account all these things in a single place.

The Restaurant Management System is specially designed for enhancing the customers, experiences, growing business operations, and help you to make smart data-driven decisions.

Why Should I Prefer AIMS Restaurant POS System?

From full-services restaurants to the corner coffee shops or cafes and everything in between theses, especially restaurants, we have the best restaurant point of sale system for your business, which includes the features like loyalty programs, inventory management, time tracking as well as payroll which makes it a complete accounting system for your restaurants. We provide a perfect solution for the highest value. Get all these features without paying a single penny.

Key Features of AIMS POS Restaurant Software:

Following are the Restaurant Management System Features

Easy to Use Interface:

You don’t need any computer experts to use our software. You only have to learn a few steps which we provide you in the YouTube video to operate this software with ease. Easy to Use Interface makes the process of the transaction more straightforward and more comfortable for the staff management of all branches you own.

Quick Order Management:

Selecting menu items with a few clicks makes it simpler to use. 

Table Management System:

You can manage the orders place with tables for your guest, and it alerts you on the completion of the order via service screen.

Multi Menu Management System:

Boost your process of ordering by the digital menu system. Update and synchronize the menu according to your need. You can make combo deals in all the branches in just a single click.

Quality Control System:

Maintaining quality is keen for all the restaurants, as it is the most important thing for any restaurant to build their reputation.  Quality Control System allows you to maintain the quality of food and customer retention. POS Restaurant provides a kitchen screen feature to track the order records.

Inventory Management System:

Restaurant POS System manages current stock, re-order alerts, the perfect value of inventory. For prevention from the stockpiling of goods and allows a quick look to the dashboard.

Customer Retention:

AIMS POS helps in the management of customer’s data, the rewards, and Calculations with ease. This makes it the best POS system for restaurants.

Easy Transaction System:

It allows you a variety of payment methods to speed up the process of the transaction. This feature makes it one of the best restaurant billing software.

Benefits Of POS System Restaurant

There are a lot of benefits of point of sale systems for restaurants for your business, especially when we compare it to the traditional cash registers.

The benefits of restaurant POS include:

  • Easy to Use
  • It simplifies the communication between the kitchen and the other management staff.
  • It can track everything from the usage of food to the most popular items of the restaurants.
  • POS System acts as a time clock for the staff.
  • It is a free restaurant POS system.
  • It increases the efficiency of the work.
  • It expands Payment handling options.
  • It provides you best Inventory Management System
  • POS Solutions will lower the cost of doing the business while it will increase your productivity.

How Much Does A Restaurant POS System Cost?

AIMS POS System has different plans, you may get it for free, but it will have less number of features than premium ones. We provide you the AIMS Restaurant POS System in different plans according to your needs.

AIMS POS System provides you the four plans. These plans depend upon your unique business needs, personal preferences, and also on your budget, click here to get details about these plans.

It includes:

  • Free Plan
  • Starter Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Premium Plan

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