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Aims ERP: Best ERP Point of Sale Software in Pakistan [2020]

point of sale software in pakistan

Technology has solved many human dilemmas, and the ERP POS system is one of them. Through this cloud-based point of sales software, enterprises have become more efficient and effective in handling their business operations. Likewise, Aims ERP point of sale software in Pakistan gives small and medium-sized firms the ease of storing their files and documents just in time along with that enables them to manage other business activities like day to day stock management, accounts, employee payroll, customer profiles, etc.

Aims ERP point of sale software in Pakistan comes with an exceptional web-based program that enables its customers to store and input data just in time by using the internet and perform other tasks like inventory and accounts management, quality control, handling orders, etc.

Aims ERP point of sale software in Pakistan makes sure to provide a convenient experience for its customers through its simple and easy to use program interface.

Single solution for all type of businesses:

Aims ERP point of sales software Pakistan is a single solution for every type of business, including retail, wholesale, and distribution.

This software is a well-integrated industry-standard enterprise planning software that allows a business to optimize its productivity and avoid unwanted risks of software break-downs that ultimately lead to delays which consequently, can affect the sales of the business.

Moreover, Aims ERP pos software Lahore-Pakistan comes with a free download for small businesses that includes one store location and one user. That doesn’t mean that aims don’t offer any incentive to medium-scaled businesses.

Those businesses that are a bit larger than small firms can go for Aims ERP’s free trial and witness the authenticity and effectiveness of its pos software and make a decision to purchase Pakistan’s best point of sale system.

Qualities of AIMS ERP that makes it distinguishable in the market?

Aims ERP pos software lahore provides extensive modules such as inventory management, HR management, Point of Sale, Payroll handling, Order Management, Suppliers and Customers Ledgers & Accounts, at a very affordable and practical price so that the maximum number of businesses can operate effectively and efficiently using our ERP pos software.

This pos software in Pakistan enables your business to automate the acquisition process using the simple and easy program design of Aims ERP.

Furthermore, Aims ERP Pakistan is a product offered by a well know software company, KodeInn Technologies

The company focuses on long-term growth as it is free of the strings attached to other public limited companies, such as the pressure of providing short-term profits to the shareholders: which in return hinders the process of growth and innovation.

Hence, as a result of our constant innovation and improved automated system, our customers were able to generate over $500,000 in revenue every year with 1000M+ plus invoices, and we’re working harder to further improve our product and help our customers grow fast and effectively.

Aims ERP POS software for the restaurant:

The conventional ERP pos system usually slows down the process and; therefore, businesses face a decline in productivity.

On the other hand, to run traditional ERP systems, businesses have to hire IT experts; along with that, they’ve to create in-house servers to store data: which is time-consuming and requires a hefty amount. Whereas, cloud-based ERP systems like Aims ERP pos system Pakistan helps customers to get rid of all these activities.

Plus, it enables them to save time and work efficiently. Which is essential in the restaurant industry where the business has to make sales and purchase process quick so that its employees can respond to the customers on time without affecting the business’s reputation.

Furthermore, the Aims’ ERP restaurant pos software is equipped with multiple modules such as order management, inventory management, table booking, take away dine-in facility, sales report generation, sales agents, customer data, and cooking management with kitchen screen.

By using these modules, an enterprise can produce sales and purchase reports for analysis. The business can also manage its sales and purchase returns records using the inventory management module.

Similarly, employees can display the order details on the kitchen screen through the automated program; along with that, they can organize customer orders in reference to the cooking time: which will make order processing more efficient.

Features offered in the Aims ERP restaurant:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Rapid order management
  • Table management
  • Efficient multi-menu management
  • Quality control tools
  • Inventory control
  • Easy program calculations for handling customer data
  • Several payment methods available in the program
  • POS Terminal
  • Easy documentation and messaging
  • Customization

Aims ERP POS software for Retail:

The retail software is a one-time solution for several enterprises because it is equipped with multiple modules that are customizable according to the enterprises’ needs.

 In this software, Aims ERP provides perks of comprehensive organization of customer profiles according to their purchase pattern.

Which will eventually help in making the right marketing and promotional strategies for different customers based on their profiles.

Moreover, with Aims ERP retail software in Pakistan, multi-store collaboration can be carried out that lets the business handle all its stores, and warehouses via one database giving it more control over the operational activities.

Furthermore, the HR module enables better supervision over the employees as the business can manage various factors that include payroll, absenteeism, and employee activity.

Features of AIMS ERP for Retail:

  • Cloud-based interface
  • Product Management
  • Multi-store Management
  • Price group variations available
  • Manage accounting data through inventory management tools
  • HR management
  • Sales and purchase report
  • Warehouse management tools combined with accounts

What Aims offers to its customers:

Aims ERP strives to provide its customers with the best value for their money in form of its high-standard products like Aims ERP Restaurant and Retail. Here is an overview of that:

  • A web-based program that is accessible from anywhere
  • Reasonable prices so that most of the businesses can make use of our efficient point of sales software and enhance their technical infrastructure
  • 99.999% uptime for our POS ERP software to minimize the risk of software shut down and glitch 
  • The simple design optimizes productivity
  • Enables you to handle inventory effectively and boost sales efficiently
  • Maximization of quantitative and qualitative benefits
  • 24/7 customer service portal for the ease of our customers
  • Comprehensive and organized database for better analysis

AIMS ERP POS software-Lahore-Pakistan

One-Stop Business Solution

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