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Why Retailers Should Be Selling on Online Marketplaces

online marketplace benefits

The pandemic faced worldwide has made everyone think of staying away from everything while just focusing on the essentials needed in daily life. The COVID-19 outbreak has effects on people’s lifestyle that is not going to change any time sooner. People will keep practicing social distancing, staying in-door, going out just for important tasks, and getting everything on their doorsteps using online available facilities. Every single retailer is now switching their business towards online even staying on-site having an additional option of getting things done online will only be beneficial without any risks or loss of money.

Other than the pandemic, online marketplaces are always the best option while selecting from different brands, different qualities, and viewing prices of different products just by few clicks and scrolls. Online marketplaces are the new go-to places to get done with the job and get your required stuff from different places.

Why retailers should consider Selling on Online Marketplaces?

Online marketplaces have so many brands, so many options available in different stores like clothing brands, departmental stores for groceries having attractive websites promoting their products and giving discounted prices and much more to attract more and more customers.

The following are a few Online marketplace Benefits or advantages

Huge Customer Base:

Having a great eCommerce Store will definitely help you target the right audience needed for your product/store as huge numbers of customers are concerned with online purchases. Attracting the right customers is a task to be achieved. If you have a well-established brand name, then it won’t be that hard, but a new brand or company will definitely take time to build the proper channel and build trust among customers, and this can be only possible if you have an inventory management system integrated with e-commerce.

International Trade Availability:

Expanding to trade beyond borders is exciting to hear, Right? Using an online marketplace this is the easiest task to be achieved because a marketplace that has global reach and views and purchases are done by customers around the world will boost your company in many ways. Using Amazon, you can link up with 12 global marketplaces from where international trade will be done. Having a POS integrated with your eCommerce store that will help you to manage these tasks will be important. Keeping records of sales done, keeping inventory records, and handling every task should be on the fingertips of the company owner or people related to it.

Customers Loyalty:

Achieving customer loyalty is important for every retailer. The best part about online marketplaces is that they always tend to attract the same customers back over and over again. When shoppers are happy with the delivered product they will tend to come back again and order from the same platform from where they have done previous purchases and got satisfied with deliverables. If marketplaces enable customers to sign-up for once giving essential information rather than going in details and save data it will be easy for them to come again and do the required purchases.

Let Your POS System do all the Work for You!

Integrating your POS system with any online marketplaces will make it easier than ever to get your products noticed out there and stays in full control of your business venture. AIMS ERP solution is a cloud-based application that will handle your business complete management, inventory management, and customer database management of your product.

Some of the key benefits of choosing AIMS ERP solution:

  • Seamless control of which products you list on Woo-commerce or Open Cart Marketplaces.
  • Simple and fast synchronization of your products, requiring just a single click.
  • You can set your own pricing, and inventory, keeping you in full control of what and how much of each product is available for sale.
  • Your Woo-commerce account will synchronize with our AIMS ERP Solution so that your marketplace inventory is always up to date and orders are updated on AIMS ERP.
  • Complete visibility of your listings, customer profiles, and inventory on your AIMS POS system dashboard.

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