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Inventory Management Software – AIMS Retail ERP

free inventory management software

Effective inventory management Software in any business environment can be the difference between success and failure for a small business. Today the scientific progress has allowed for the development of software that can minimize human effort. AIMS ERP is one of the kinds of an inventory management system that is specifically designed to cater to such business needs of a small retail business that needs to gain a stronghold in the market competition.

Technology has shifted the management of inventory to automated software now. But to manage inventory in a small business requires a team that is effective in managing retail operations, and to create such a team is not possible without having a smart solution to the issues regarding inventory management. AIMS retail ERP provides an effective solution to the needs of a small retailer. It allows them to successfully automate a number of manual processes which would otherwise consume the precious time of a retailer.

Importance of having this sale/purchase inventory software

Today, the importance of having this software with its free features cannot be overemphasized. A retail business owner in town has to focus on minimizing losses and maximizing profits, and it is not possible without accurate projection of sale/purchase of the products that are in the inventory. Moreover, a retailer can also place orders with their suppliers accurately in order to meet the demands of the customers.

This simple inventory management software is user-friendly. Small shop retailers will find it a challenge to operate any other inventory management software, but AIMS Retail ERP with its easy-to-use interface is a wonderful choice for the retailers that want to gain an added advantage in the market competition.

Benefits of having retail inventory management software

Automatic updates: This superstore software is a first of its kind that updates the latest versions automatically for its users. Whenever a new release is built all the existing users will be getting it free of cost and moreover, mobile applications are also being published on android and ios stores.

Visibility across all locations: It provides a macro-level view of the inventory across a superstore business. A manager, just by looking at the computer screen, can know about the exact position of a product along with its available stock. This is beneficial because now the retailer does not have to visit the entire store in order to gain a picture of product placement and inventory.

Frequent counts made easy: The retailer can bid farewell to age-old calculators now as the frequency counts of the inventory are made super-easy by AIMS Retail ERP software.

Knowledge of top-selling products: Another unique benefit of having this software is that it gives first-hand knowledge of the top-sellers in a superstore. This can be useful in planning discounts and placing further orders with the suppliers. It also curtails on the losses reducing the chances of over-supply of a product.

Phasing out the loss-making products: The retailer, through this software, can now find out about the products that are not much selling in numbers. So they can gradually reduce the supply of such products by placing fewer orders in the future. It is all made possible because of this software.

No chances of error: Accuracy of data is a key feature of this software. AIMS Retail ERP is designed in a way that it always provides an accurate picture to its users regarding the sale/purchase of the inventory.

Free Inventory Management Software

This simple inventory management software is free and provides a number of features without any cost. A new start-up can utilize the free services of this software and automate the inventory of its retail business.

Sales and purchases: The data regarding sale/purchase is maintained by the free version of this software.

Stock position: The position and placement of the stock can be ascertained on the software free of charge.

Payments and expenses: All the record of the transactions is maintained without the retailer having to pay anything for it.

Taxation: This software is also useful for calculating taxes on the products so that the business can be saved from litigation in the future.

Profit-loss statements: Analysis of any business is not possible without its financial statements. The profit-loss statement is prepared by this software. It is one of the most useful features of this software.

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