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Inventory Management Android App- Now run your business through your phone

Inventory Management Android App

AIMS ERP needs no introduction when it comes to creating technological solutions for a business. Now it is possible to run a business through a hand-held device. A smartphone app that helps you manage your need to keep track of accounts and complete, free inventory management Android app for your shop. It is an inventory management software with multiple features like smart billing option and it can also be used as a POS software.

This AIMS Inventory Management System is useful for a wide range of users which include retailers, wholesalers, bakers, departmental stores, and many more. The best thing about AIMS Android App is that it will never ask customers to pay a single penny for its services. Your ease and positive reviews are our business agenda. So if you are a small business owner and want to manage your accounts and inventory through both of your laptop and smartphone then there is no better alternative than this Inventory Management with Android App.

Main features of the App

  • Items Management

A user can add items, duplicate items, add bulk opening quantity, create variations based on colors, sizes or quality, transfer from one store to other, and add images, group, brand, category, subcategory and multiple units. Just by looking at the mobile screen, the items can be managed and suppliers can be contacted. All of it is made absolutely free for our valuable customers.

  • Contacts Management

Now there is no need to maintain those big manual ledgers. All the information regarding customers and suppliers can be accessed through the Smartphone just by installing this FREE AIMS ERP App. This feature also allows the users to view history of their transactions with customers and plan ahead accordingly.

  • Selling with POS:

Billing is now hassle-free for the users. This App is compatible with different types of printers so the transactions can be printed directly without requiring any computers. Operations like Multi-pay, sale return, draft and sale suspend can be performed by one touch POS system in this App.

  • Multistore Management

Managing multiple stores at one time used to be arduous for retailers but now this simple software has provided the most efficient solution. The user can keep live track of each and every location and manage inventory easily.

  • Accounts & Reports

Keeping track of debtors, creditors and looking at the profit and loss statements is just a touch away now on the phone screens. How is the business doing? The answer lies in the palm of the users now through this wonderful stock management mobile App.

  • Import/Export data

Through excel sheets large/bulk data about the customers, suppliers and products can be imported/exported with just a single touch. No other software in the market provides such features for FREE to its users.

Why choose this Android App?

The unique features at zero cost to the user make this an ideal App for those who are tech-savvy and want to manage business smartly. Moreover, even a layman can understand the easy-to-use interface of this application. Now a retailer can bid farewell to the manual processes and switch to managing the business through cell-phone.

Another reason to choose this App is that it is easy to install and manage. The size of this App is less than 2MB. It can be downloaded from the App store and the user can start managing the business there and then without any delay.

Customer Reviews

This user-friendly App has been downloaded by a number of people. Their reviews have helped us improve the features of this App. Moreover, the positive reviews of this software have encouraged us to provide the best service to our customers for FREE.

Good feedback from valuable customers is always a welcome sign for any App developer. In our reviews section, customers have commented on various aspects of the App. Some liked the customer-centric features of the App whereas other commented on its utility.

A link to the best free inventory app for android is given for reference:


Conclusion So if your business requires creative solutions and you are fed-up by trying various software providers to provide you with a one-stop solution to your business, then you need to look no further. This FREE inventory management App by AIMS ERP is exactly what you need to automate your business and manage it from your smartphone. Download the App now and maximize your profits!

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