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How to choose the Best Yet Free POS System for Restaurants?

free POS system for restaurants

A high-quality yet free POS system for restaurants is one of the most important elements of a profitable eatery business. However, not all free restaurant management software solutions meet your business’s specific needs. 

If you haven’t put much into investigating a free restaurant POS software, you may suffer in the long-term. Choosing the best yet free restaurant POS software is important because it can save your business costs up to 50%. It may be a daunting task because there will always be an overlap of features, as every restaurant is different. 

Not to worry, though—we’ve written this handy article to help you pick the best free restaurant POS software. You need one that goes well with your processes and your employees. It allows them to provide the kind of the first-rate service that today’s customers demand.

We all know how fast the restaurant business is, and just a few missteps can cost you, customers, forever. When we talk about restaurant point-of-sale systems for small businesses, they must have all the essential features. That system will streamline every aspect of the restaurant business. From customer experience to user experience and administrative responsibilities, it should do it all. The best POS system for small restaurants should be capable enough to handle everything by itself.

The Best Yet Free POS System For Restaurants: AIMS ERP’S Free Restaurants POS System

From taking orders to managing inventory items, here’s why AIMS ERP is the BEST online restaurant POS system.

Multi-Location Support

Grow your restaurant business with AIMS ERP, and let your multiple franchises get managed by a single POS software successfully. Smart business owners use their POS data to drive important decisions. AIMS ERP’s free restaurant POS platform designed to keep you and your team productive. 

Our POS system’s multi-store management feature serves you as a one-stop-shop. It shows separate reports of sales, inventory, employees, and accounting information. Our system assists in dealing with the multiple branches by giving unique designs for each location. Try the free restaurant POS software for windows and change the themes accordingly.

Fast and Intuitive

The world moves fast these days, and it demands restaurants to move even faster. Your POS software needs to deliver high-speed and make sure that it’s easy to use. And that’s what AIMS ERP’s POS system does. One major benefit of an intuitive system is that your team will become comfortable quickly. The faster they’ll be able to operate it, the better it is.

If you’re a restaurant business and using costly POS software, try AIMS ERP’s best restaurant billing software. It is not only cost-free, but also it can be integrated easily. For better or worse, we live in a world where technologies are launching every day. When customers are in your restaurant, they shouldn’t wait for long. If so, it will frustrate them and keep them from being repeat customers.

Offers Real-Time Reporting

Restaurants have to keep a lot of useful data about transactions and customers. If you want to get the full value of this data, you need AIMS ERP’s free restaurant point of sale, because it saves information with accurate reporting. It is an intelligent software that allows you to generate real-time reports and drill down into whichever metrics matter to your business. 

Using AIMS ERP’s free online restaurant POS software, you’ll see which products sell best at what times and days, which customers prove to be more profitable for your business. You’ll also have a better understanding of how your staff performs, their shift timings, your actual labor costs, inventory expenses, sales records, and the flow of new customers.

Efficient Kitchen Inventory Management

If there’s anything you wish to be simpler, it might be tracking hundreds of inventory items. AIMS ERP understands it well and gives answers to all the complexities of inventory management. 

You might be thinking, how can a free POS system do it all? The answer is, AIMS POS system assures you that you have one of the best inventory management modules in the POS systems. It will track your orders and usage, let you know if it’s time for re-ordering, and keep a running tally of sold items. The best restaurant point of sale systems for small businesses is to keep your finger on the pulse of the current operation while handling everything else by itself. It is programmed to show low-stock alerts, so you never suffer from inventory shortage.

The free online restaurant billing software automatically updates profit calculations by keeping the record of purchasing and selling prices. Profits calculations are on product category, subcategory, and brands. Multiple item specifications like colors, sizes, conditions, and types, help you easily enter the products’ descriptions. It allows you to set items’ unique variations and SKUs to minimize data usage with artificial intelligence-based algorithms installed in the system. Just decide to get the AIMS ERP’s restaurant billing software free download and see it all by yourself.

Fast Payment Processing 

Manage all your restaurant business transactions by keeping individual and detailed records all into one place. AIMS ERP’s free restaurant billing software lets you assign limits on business payments and resolves your debtors’ and creditors’ problems.

The online POS system supports split payment processing. It gives your customers the flexibility to pay a part of their bill from cash. Allow them to complete the payment via credit/debit card, check payment, or online payment via bank account. Your customers and suppliers will get instant transaction alerts on their phones with SMS and email subscriptions. AIMS ERP works with multiple currencies, that facilitates you and your customers. 

24/7 Customer Support

When we talk about quality customer service, we are considering our excellent customer support team. Without them, nothing could have been possible. AIMS ERP has one of the best team members, as it offers you quick responses whenever you have a query or need help. 

Each of our support team members is the master of our product knowledge. Our support team works around the clock and are available all the time to answer your inquiries. Happily, AIMS ERP doesn’t hide charges from its customers, including our support services. 

Talk to any of our support members via your preferred channel. We’re always happy to serve you and will never disappoint you. You can catch them whenever you want. We highly recommend our free restaurant POS software to download for once, and you’ll keep coming back!

Why Should I Prefer AIMS Restaurant POS System?

Here’s why you should opt for AIMS ERP’s restaurant POS free download

It takes away the hassle of manually maintaining the record of operational transactions and gives you ample time to focus on your customers and important aspects of the business.

From full-services restaurants to the corner coffee shops, and everything in between, we have the best restaurant point of sale system for your business. Our Free POS System for Restaurants includes customer retention features like loyalty programs, inventory management, time tracking, and payroll management. It also has an accounting module. Proven that, we provide a perfect solution for the highest value. Get all these features without paying a single penny.

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