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Why Use a Free POS for small business in 2020

free pos for small business

Running a small business requires business owners to carry out all tasks efficiently and cost-effectively. The best way to optimize your small retail business is to replace the traditional register with a free POS system. A free POS for small business provides greater accuracy regarding sales and inventory management. It also saves a lot of time which can be better invested in extending a small business.

A POS system offers retail automation for small businesses, thereby saving a lot of time and cutting costs. When looking for a free POS system for small businesses, unique business needs must be kept in mind. With so many POS software providers available, choosing the best POS for small business can be tricky.

AIMS ERP, a cloud-based ERP system, provides quick solutions for small retail businesses. This step by step guide illustrates why you should always choose AIMS ERP for your retail business.

Inventory Management system

AIMS ERP pos system provides small businesses with accurate inventory data. This free POS software helps you avoid the hassle of calculating all the sales and purchases manually. The POS system automatically does it for you. For a small business, having a real-time report on stock levels is essential. It is a cost-effective solution as you are never worried about an unnecessary purchase or shortage of a product.

AIMS ERP is a retail point of sale system for a small business that generates detailed inventory levels reports. It will help you make informed decisions regarding further sales and purchases. Another benefit of automated inventory management is that you can quickly identify your best selling products. You can use this data to come up with more successful product strategies and take your small business to new heights.

Choosing the AIMS ERP pos inventory system for small businesses can serve as a game-changer for your retail business.

Customer Data

Knowing your customers is essential for the success of a small business. AIMS ERP has got you covered there too. This free retail software for small business profiles customers based on their purchase records. This helps small businesses in identifying their top customers. Small businesses can then retain their best customers through loyalty programs and directed marketing strategies. Organized data on individual consumers helps in understanding shopping trends. You can also notify your regular customers about new promotions and products based on their complete profile. Keeping a consolidated customer database makes AIMS ERP the best pos for small businesses.

Simplified Accounting

A small business cannot afford accounting errors. Replacing the traditional register with a retail point of sale system gets rid of that problem. AIMS ERP for retail has separate voucher systems for all your sales and purchases. This helps in maintaining a balanced cash flow. AIMS ERP, a small business retail POS saves loads of time and generates accurate financial statements. It also keeps the real-time record of your profits and losses. AIMS ERP keeps track of assets, taxes, and bills. This helps business owners in getting an accurate picture of their business growth.

Quick and Easy Transactions

Having multiple payment methods at your disposal is an excellent way of expanding a small business. Our free pos for small business offers various transaction methods like cash, credit, and debit to customers. AIMS ERP also ensures safe and secure online transactions and protects data from online exploitation. Quick transaction times also keep customers satisfied with your services. It also keeps the employees fresh as they are saved from the headache of maintaining and managing manual receipts of each transaction. This increases productivity and improves the quality of service.

Product Management

AIMS ERP Retail POS provides small business owners with accessible product search features. All products are organized according to brands and categories, making it easy to search and evaluate relevant data. Products can also be labeled with desired prefixes, which enables instant data availability. Product variations like size, color, expiry dates, etc. are also efficiently handled. Product warranty management and stock updates can be done from anywhere, anytime. Free pos software that expertly optimizes product management should be a go-to option for a small business.

HR Management

Efficient managing your workforce is an effective way of growing your small business. The best free pos system for a small business that can handle HR management is AIMS ERP. It allows you to evaluate and improve your employees regularly. AIMS ERP for retail streamlines HR management by keeping track of attendance, leaves, and working hours. It centralizes employee information and makes the recruitment process smoother. It also keeps track of employee performance and satisfaction through surveys.

AIMS ERP retail POS system for small businesses also saves time by keeping a record of salaries and expenses. Such a robust evaluation process also encourages employees to perform better and increases overall productivity. The key performance indicators help you make calculated decisions for your business.

Web-Based Interface

Ease of access is essential for any business to thrive. AIMS free retail software for small business provides an easy to use web-based interface that makes operations faster. With all your data in one place, you can make quick and informed decisions. A web-based interface also allows you to access your data from anywhere.

Our POS system works on any device with a web browser, so you have your business at your fingertips. The web-based interface gives you greater control of your business operations even when you are not present on site. The portal will provide you with a complete history of the orders and the freedom to manage them. You will have full control over your business.

AIMS ERP is the best free POS system for a small business. It combines your business needs with the technological application and produces the best results. All your business tasks are handled efficiently from a single platform. AIMS ERP retail point of sale cuts transaction times and can provide automated record keeping. It also generates real-time sales and purchase reports and keeps tabs on employees. So if you want the best performance at an appropriate budget, AIMS ERP is your one-stop solution.

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