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TOP 10 Feature of Restaurant Your POS System Must Have

Feature of Restaurant

Feature of Restaurant: A POS system is the main source to handle all the required tasks of restaurant management efficiently. It is a challenge to select the perfect POS system for your Restaurant but a close look at what companies are providing and how customers are giving feedback will make things easier for you. Other than this taking a brief look at all the functionalities and features of different POS systems available will be beneficial. Getting a POS system that suits your restaurant concept might be a little time consuming but once it’s done it will be a good thing to start or continue with.

Not all POS system features are made the same. Here are 10 Top Feature of Restaurant that must be available in a good POS system so you don’t lack anything and get the best outcomes from it.

Restaurant Management Software Features:

Easy Interface & Quick Checkout

A simple and understandable interface is essential for the restaurant management system. It must be speedy enough to handle tasks on time. You cannot afford to have slow internet which will result in having a slow POS system. Be sure that your system is a local hardwired type, internet-based, or hybrid (local and internet). A local or hybrid system will typically be more reliable for a busy restaurant as opposed to only Internet-based POS.


Your POS must be easy to manage and doesn’t have plenty of different features that you won’t be using ever. This will just make the POS system a little complex and hard to manage.  You need a simple POS system for your restaurant that will do basic tasks other than getting a highly featured system that will just create complexities for you.

Inventory Control

There are many advantages of the restaurant management system. But this is the most important feature of the restaurant POS system, so all the details regarding how much food is left and how much food is sorted must be reported so things can be managed on time. Using an inventory management system will be beneficial for your restaurant so you can keep track of your products.

User Friendly

POS system interface must be easy to understand for the people who will be using this. This is the basic need of any software system. Easy interaction and easy to understand is something that makes a system User friendly and having a user-friendly POS system will make things understandable and manageable even for a simple non-technical layman.

Quality Reporting & Analytics

This is a key feature to get all the reports to run a successful business. These are your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that all restaurants need like sales by item, category and brand etc. Setting up a cloud reporting system, you can use AIMS ERP mobile app anywhere anytime and get instant access to your business daily sales, stock, profit and loss with brief access to your financials.

Reservations & Table Management

Having this feature in your POS is something unquestionable like this feature has to be there and must be a built-in feature. If you’re doing table seating, you will require this feature, and it’s important for managing your front of house operations. The program should also tie into a reservation system that can quickly update your table status based on customer reservations.

Marketing Tools & Techniques

This feature will help you grow. Adding features like a loyalty card, bonuses, customer rewards, automatic messaging tools and automatic promotions done on the bases of customer activity will increase the efficiency of any POS system.

Easy to Configure Menu

In some POS systems, it is time taking and a little messy to integrate an entire menu on it. Make sure before getting your hands on any POS system that it won’t be complex to add up your restaurant’s menu and configure it with your POS easily. Because sometimes, it messes with the server and entire workstations need to restart even after adding an item to your existing menu.

Customer Support

As more POS systems are becoming cloud-based, your restaurant must have responsive and helpful customer support. Your POS must never go down, and if it does there is a backup option until everything is completely resolved so your customers don’t have to wait for things to get resolved. This is what AIMS ERP is best in it by providing 24/7 and 7 days a week support for its customers. Want to try AIMS ERP click here.

Comprehensive Training

To get the best out of your POS system, you will need to train your staff on how to use the system and they are familiar with all the functionalities and features of your POS system. Onsite training by AIMS ERP is also provided and there are video tutorials published on YouTube channel

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