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Improve your Restaurant Management System Features with Aims ERP

AIMS ERP aims to manage your Restaurant Management System (RMS) as easily as possible with improved performance. Our Restaurant Management System Features will surely help you manage your entire restaurant system from products purchasing to bills, taxation, and reporting.

Instant Booking & Reservations

Forget about the hand written or manual booking records as it does not work anymore today. Your staff would get peace of mind knowing they won’t miss out their customer’s bookings and reservations. You’ll be better prepared for the days and weeks to come knowing how many customers have booking and reservations with you. Facilitate your management staff with instant booking solutions with our AIMS ERP POS which will not only take reservations with all details of time and size of the group but allows you to schedule that with service man and notify them too by sending an instant notification message via SMS or email. The cloud ERP reminds the customer with waiting que and immediate sitting in peaceful way.

Service Screen

Spend your time to improve your quality rather on rushing and organizing customer bills all the time. With digital displays, fast food and fast casual restaurants can display their items to servicemen digitally. That way, every time they make a change to their orders, that change will be reflected on the digital display automatically. AIMS ERP added a great feature of service screening for kitchen and service man to get quick updates of order status. No need to move into kitchen, as the food ready service man notifies on the screen of ready food. Quick order placement by table numbers, order customization and order completion signals via a single service screen. This feature will impress your customers too because it makes the process of ordering and delivery faster and customers do not have to wait more. Trough screening you could analyze the performance of your kitchen cooking timings or any divergence from a norm.

Stock Management

With so much action going on around you in a restaurant, it is not possible every time to know when you are overstock or understock. Aim’s restaurant management system software sets the item-wise minimum and maximum levels. And when you reach either of the levels, it will alert you, thereby ensuring that you are never overstocked or understocked. To run a restaurant is not an easy task as it includes a number of activities like purchasing, selling, other expenses, inventory calculation, and so on, it’s all be hectic to manage. AIMS ERP restaurant management system keeps a complete record of all the stocks purchased and sold with their complete details with time. Even the system helps you to categorize your products with the prefixes and barcoding. It will remind you anytime about the inventory stock alerts. In other words, no more burdens with stock level concern all the time, because our solution does it for you.

Systematic Data & Reporting

To save your business from data exploitation, is often very hard as it is merely impossible to be present on site 24 hours a clock. However, with AIMS ERP software, you can secure your business data even if you are not present there by yourself, because our complete ERP system provides you with better handling of the data and helps you in keeping your business upright and it offers you to seek advice from customer data, so you can make better business decisions. Our real time reporting dashboards are responsive and can be operated anywhere on your iPad, tablet or smartphone to get in touch with the ongoing operations. Our cloud based POS software will enable you to analyse your sales in different ways from table sales to staff members’ sale records. With the detailed reports generated on AIMS Restaurant ERP will give you a clear view of profit and loss, stock trending and adjustments, total sales, sales return and expenses too.

Intuitive & Easy to Use

AIMS ERP Restaurant management system is a flexible and versatile system designed to meet the needs of all types of dine-in or takeaway restaurants, Fast foods, coffee shops, and bars. The POS screen we have designed is simple and easy to use with all the features required to manage your restaurant business well and smart. The system provides you with the simplest business settings and allows you to customize as per your requirements. Our customers are our first priority. Our software will make you feel comfortable in using all its features and functions. Furthermore, our customer support team is live round the clock to answer your queries. Though, the Cloud ERP Restaurant is not tough but even then, if you stuck somewhere feel free to get friendly support.

Menu Management

A proper menu is more preferable than a big one. AIMS ERP helps you to make your restaurant smart and digital thus design a Restaurant POS Software with easy menu management categorized in groups/brands. Restaurateurs can make customized changes to menus according to their need as well.  Get a complete control over your rates. You can easily organize your menu through Aims. The merchandize menu is incorporated with colorful food pictures with bar codes that helps the staff to keep their sales quick and get perfect record of sales. They can add/edit categories and menu items as well. The modifiers setting is there to add your combo or bundle deals with right pricing and discounts. Now you can manage all your menus as per your requirements and within time.

Quick and Easy Transactions

Quick and Easy Transactions are our best Restaurant Management System features. The POS Terminal is facilitated with the quick and easy transaction in less than 5 seconds with multiple payments and proper invoicing of total payment including taxes and shipments. Even an option of order suspension is there to get exact sales. The Cloud POS Software is designed to get the integration of different staff members thus help in calculating the sales of each commission agent with a percentage on specific dates. It is interfaced with multiple payment options for customers to feel easy and quick through all the processes. The customized setting is there to add modifiers and combo deals to save time and to get the right pricing with no doubts. All the transactions from the Restaurant POS are posted into general ledger to get accurate daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly financial reports.

Staff Management

Your restaurant POS system has the ability to make every aspect of running your business easier. A big restaurant with a big staff is quite difficult to run and if there are branches then to interact with all employees it would be more challenging. The user and role management feature will help you sort the issue related to your employees and will keep all the information of all your employees form any of your branches in its record even the admin has an authority in the dashboard to name their roles like a waiter, cashier, accountant, etc.. This data of employees with their roles will keep you interact with them any time in the working hours and to assign their tables and orders would be easier too. Through this staff management, you will be able to get a complete invoice for their total sales and commissions on a daily basis and perform monthly evaluation reports based on their performance.

Friendly Customer Support Anytime

No problem is too small for our support team of Aims restaurant experts who are available throughout the year to answer your call, email, or webchat. AIMS cloud-based POS  system is the best option in order to run your business smoothly, and when there are highly efficient restaurant management system features available at AIMS ERP it becomes much easier to enhance your business expertise, by providing no.1 customer service, that is highly efficient in addressing your queries too. Moreover, to provide you with the best quality of features, we keep our software up-to-date, with quick bug fixes, which deliver error-free troubleshooting. Moreover, our professional technicians are available 24/7 to address your queries and to maintain them in the given time slot so that you can make your business site working in no time. AIMS ERP is here for you. Relive your business with us.

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