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Coronavirus outbreak is affecting tech!

The tech industry is currently feeling the effects of the coronavirus, with companies closing offices, stores, and factories in China as well as restricting employees from nonessential travels to the country. The closures, which were initially expected to last through the Lunar New Year holiday week in late January, were soon extended to February 10th. Officials in some provinces and districts are now telling companies not to reopen until March 1st.

Multitudes of short- and long-term impacts are anticipated, from postponed events to companies potentially missing a holiday launch target due to the nationwide office closures. Coronavirus has taken over recently and will put an impact on the whole wide world economy in real means. Not only losing lives but economically taking countries back from where they stand today.

Apple has also ordered to close all the factories and stores so the safety of staff and employee can be made assure. Apple’s head of people, Deirdre O’Brien, wrote in an internal email on February 7th that offices and contact centers were expected to open the week of February 10th, while retail store re-openings were still being determined. Additional cleaning, health protocols and local restrictions around public spaces will factor into this decision if stores are being opened in any circumstance.

At the time, it was thought that it could have been as late as February 15th for many stores, according to Bloomberg. Apple added that gradually reopening our retail stores and will continue to do so as steadily and safely as they can. The company did say that its corporate offices and contact centers in China are open. As lockdown has been extended in many countries tech industries have to go through this chaotic situation as well and look for alternatives or able to provide properly managed and maintained protective environments for staff and employees to work.

Amazon has not yet announced office closures in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, or Guangzhou, but it is requiring employees to get approval for any essential travels to China. Employees who are traveling in and out of China are also advised to work from home for 14 days before returning to the office


As many products are manufactured in China (or use parts from Chinese vendors), experts are also warning customers to expect shortages for various smartphones, VR headsets, cars, and other tech accessories.

Facebook has also stopped taking new orders for its latest Oculus Quest VR headset, citing the outbreak for the delay. Every single company is taking precautions to ensure the safety of our employees, manufacturing partners, and customers, and monitoring the situation closely.

The Telsa factory is also closed and due to that Model 3 deliveries are on hold for now.  The Quest had been on backorder since around the holiday season; retailers had initially said the headset would be available again in early February, but the date has been pushed back to as late as March 10th for the 64GB version.

Other Chinese brands that expect to see production delays include Oppo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, and Huawei, according to the South China Morning Post. “Companies which rely on components from Hubei will be the most impacted, such as Lenovo,” Nicole Peng, mobile analyst at Canalys, said. “For companies like Huawei, whose operations are in Guangdong, the situation is less severe, although no company right now will be able to resume factory operations at 100 percent capacity.”

While the World Health Organization has upgraded the coronavirus’ status to a global health emergency, it hasn’t necessarily recommended canceling global conferences like MWC.

Huawei, which was expected to host a developer conference in February, has also postponed its event until the end of March.

Not only the tech industry but every other industry is going through the pandemics circumstances overall world.

Similarly, Blizzard has announced that Overwatch League matches in February and March have been canceled, while the FIA has scrapped plans for an upcoming Formula E race that was slated to take place in late March. PUBG’s April global qualifier event set in Berlin has also been postponed until further notice. All Football leagues including UEFA Champions League and famous European League LaLiga have also postponed their matches until any further notice similar is the case with cricket and every sport being played in the world.

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