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Big 2 Cloud Based POS benefits: Security & Integrations

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Cloud-Based Point of Sale System

A cloud-based POS system can offer businesses versatility and security. The software that runs a cloud point of sale stays in the cloud and isn’t installed on one computer. Software is hosted on a remote server that saves space on your computer and can be accessed from anywhere in the world and on any public system available. AIMS ERP Solution by KodeInn Technologies has worked extremely hard to ensure that solutions provided by them are not only user-friendly but also provide greater mobility and flexibility to your business, giving you all of the managerial functions seen in a regular POS with a lot of more features of an ERP System alongside.

Two Major Benefits of Cloud-Based POS

  • Security
  • Integration

POS Benefits of Security

POS Benefits of Security

The notion of the “cloud” may raise questions about data security, but in fact, a cloud solution can provide a greater level of security than a locally-hosted solution. Data stored in the cloud or remote servers provide a high level of security, such as virus protection, data backup and multiple copies to ensure uptime in case of hardware failure. The latter is crucial because establishments handle sensitive data on a regular basis. In order to scale the business smoothly and gain trust from customers, one must have a functional, efficient cloud-based Point of sale system and a perfect cloud-based solution suggested by Trust Pilot, Google Reviews and many other reviewers is AIMS ERP Solution.

Locally Storing Data is Risky!

Storing data locally can prove extremely risky for businesses. Should theft or damage occur, this data has the potential to become lost or even fall into the wrong hands. Regardless of the size or nature of your business, keeping customers and personal information safe should be the main priority.

Unlike local POS solutions, cloud-based systems don’t require you to store sensitive business data on your computer’s hard-drive. The information is stored on different off-sites servers that can be accessed by only authorized personnel, meaning that even if your business becomes a target of theft, the most important data has a better chance of staying secure and this is the main benefit of having a cloud-based ERP POS solution because it is secure and keeps data safe.

POS Benefits Of Integration

POS Benefits Of Integration

From sales to a proper CRM and inventory control system is essential for business and business growth. Having a flexible environment for your data makes your business efficient and effective. The AIMS ERP system that is integrated with both operational and managerial tasks and capable of handling both will allow your business to provide excellent solutions.

Integrated Systems Solve Many Problems!

Most Cloud POS solutions offer businesses the opportunity to take advantage of big data and embrace a variety of comprehensive and efficient marketing tools through Marketing POS integrations whereas eCommerce integration plays a vital role in business growth as well. In its most basic form, a POS marketing integration can automatically create customer records in your marketing system, saving your staff time and reducing the risk of manual error whereas integrating it with eCommerce will get your retail business an online viewership and a platform from where everything can be easily accessible and handled.

Ecommerce integrations will make your operation more efficient, here are 5 Reasons To Integrate Your Pos With E-Commerce and it will also enable you to offer your customers a better retail experience with your business. When you choose AIMS ERP for your business, you have the added benefit of integration of WooCommerce and OpenCart for online eCommerce websites.

Tight security and full high-quality integrations are two big benefits of choosing a Cloud point of sale system like AIMS ERP. To find out more about our popular retail platform, or to discover more about the benefits of taking your business to the Cloud, please contact our team who would be glad to help you with your queries and provide you the best solution.

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