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Beating the Coronavirus: Marketing Your Restaurant Effectively With These 8 Tips


The year 2020, a year that has made impossible, possible the year that started with a perspective of changing lives in a manner no one has thought about it before. The era of technology, the era of Online business. Online marketing and from every single daily routine task which was done by humans is overtaken by systems and software. Why and how? This is a question the generations coming ahead will be asking us. The stories related to Covid19 and how it has made a huge impact on the whole world. Where every single field of work lacked and only one field of work touched the skies and got all hyped about. Yes, the IT industry, the industry of software, the industry of online business touched new boundaries and made every single daily life task accessible on fingertips. Beating the coronavirus by providing solutions to solve problems and make them manageable through using software and applications that are accessed through the internet and fulfill the requirements asked by customers just through a few scrolls and clicks.

The lockdown instigated information technology companies to show up in masses and to provide solutions to tasks that are manageable by doing precautions and putting technical staff in their required positions. Taking advantage of the situation many people are motivated to switch to online business.

For your online business, here at AIMS ERP our team of brilliant people with amazing skills that are working day and night to get the best out of this situation and provide more and more solutions to our client is dedicated toward their work.

What do we do?

The biggest industry that got affected in the lockdown during Covid19 is the industry of food. Restaurants got shut down and companies were left with the option of laying off their employees to fix the loss. The alternative provided for this solution is to get an ERP for a restaurant.


We provide the best solution to this problem by transforming your business into an efficient industrial solution and making tasks controllable by a little effort. With our ERP system tasks can be easily managed with multiple features and benefits. From online order, management to deal with the quality control units and everything can be available on demand of our clients. Here at AIMS ERP we provide the best solution available for our clients that will make your restaurants tasks easier and help you grow your business efficiently and effectively. AIMS ERP  has plenty of modules to easiest user interface, with online ordering procedures, quality and management tasks can be provide on per demand from our reliable source.

Marketing Your Restaurant Effectively!

Using Social Media Platforms

Social media is the biggest platform to get all the eyes on your restaurant by engaging them with content about your Restaurant and tricking them into liking your content and get more attention

Run Offers and Discounts

Running offers for students, giving discounts on particular days will get more and more customers and will build up a relationship

Convince them through your Safety Standards

As Covid19 has got everyone on toes and made everyone conscious about everything, show pictures and videos of your safety standards that are being implemented in your restaurant. Promote sanitization and use of masks and gloves while working.


Adding proper SEO by optimizing your website is an evolving process and will always be beneficial for your business. Using latest search trends and to track Google search trends will give you a better sense of how people are searching online so you can use it and implement it to promote your business

Advertise on Google/YouTube

Traffic on these two platforms is highest than any other domain. Giving ads about your restaurants will get you relevant customers and perhaps plays an important part to promote it and get more and more customers.

Come up with Unique Ideas

Using the latest trends in a unique manner, like making a post with a slogan or something going on in the latest trend’s will always get eyes on your promotional content. Unique content maybe with a little humor will market your restaurant and get customers.

Quora for Marketing

Quora is a question-answer platform that will tell about what questions people related to your industry are asking around. It also helps the customers to know about the inside work being done in your restaurant that will gain trust.

Get the attention of Bloggers/ Influencers

This is the latest and easiest way to get viewership and customers for your restaurants by making a noise on social media platforms by taking the help of these people that have massive followers.


In conclusion to the situation that is going on it is beneficial for owners of restaurants to consider these options and make the best out of this situation by putting innovation in these tasks and aim to build a productive environment for themselves and make online business marketing strategies to grow business.

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