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It’s time to boost your bakery’s sales through Bakery POS

Bakery pos

Now your bakery related sugar cravings can be addressed by using the most advanced and yet simple to use AIMS ERP Bakery POS System. The long queues that used to exhaust the customers and turned some of them away, especially on the weekends, was difficult to manage by any bakery owner; however, with this free bakery POS system, all those hassles are gone.

Today, the bakeries are not limited to just serving their usual cakes and cookies rather bakeries now offer a variety of products such as coffee, salad, and more. Considering this scenario it would be a fatal business mistake to not use the best available technology for boosting sales. The bakery POS software designed by AIMS ERP caters to the needs of today’s bakery operations in the most efficient manner. Not only does it provide a range of features but it does so for free.

Essential features of AIMS ERP Bakery POS

  • Simple interface:

As using the latest technologies in this digital age can be a challenge for people, our free bakery point of sale software has a simple interface that allows its users to just follow a few basic steps- these steps are also provided in a YouTube Video- and get maximum benefits of this software.

  • Proficient management system:

The Menu of this bakery billing software is simple to use. The management system of our software also includes table order management through which the owner can view which tables have been served their orders. The Menu can be updated with just a click to add new combos for the customers.

  • Record of the footfall of customers:

This unique feature makes it the best bakery POS system. It allows the user to keep a real-time record of the orders received, prepared, and completed successfully. This data can be further used to calculate expected profits and plan the business expansion accordingly.

  • Cash drawer

The cash register for bakery in this software has been tested several times to provide the best experience to its users. The transactions made on this are easily managed by the cash register system and it never gets overwhelmed by the number of transactions. So it will be a happy partner in your expansion plans.

What benefits does our software offer to the users?

  • More than just cakes:

In today’s digitized world bakery business has become more than just selling cakes. If the bakery owner is not willing and ready to move ahead with technology then it will be almost impossible for them to sustain their business over a long period of time. So it is now a must to have a point of sale system for bakery.

  • Managing Customer Relations:

This bakery point of sale helps in gathering data about customers that can be effectively utilized for major promotional campaigns. The sales of a particular item can be planned and targeted discounts can be announced on that item in a manner that gives maximum profitability to the business owner. Moreover, data regarding loyal customers can also be extracted from the pool and promotional campaigns can be planned accordingly with bakery point of sale software.

  • Bakery data analytics

Any bakery owner would want to know about the health of his/her business promptly. The best POS software would do that for him in no time, and this is exactly what this best POS system for bakery offers to its valuable clients. If there is a sudden dip in sales or if there have been recurring losses in the business, this software will readily point out the reason behind it by mentioning the facts and figures regarding individual items.

  • Accurate stocks management and inventory

This best bakery POS software provides for free the accuracy to the business owner when it comes to stocks management and inventory. It points out which products will require a supply soon and that which stocks have not been sold yet. Each and every detail is saved in this software which makes it the best billing software for bakery in the market.

Final verdict

So if you are a bakery owner who wants to maximize the profits without any delay and also wants to know about each and every detail of his/her business then ours is the best POS for bakery. No need to explore any further as you now have the option to have a one-stop solution to run your business smoothly and effectively. Try AIMS ERP’s Bakery POS now and multiply your profits!

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