About Us


To make your business a unique one, you should enhance its features with commercial customization in order to make it grow more rapidly.

About Us

Business like yours in the same vertical by having similar set of needs successfully used AIMS ERP to manage and grow efficiently. They have a pleasant experience how AIMS ERP was able to help them automate their procurement to sales and stock transfers with simplified process. All this is done because we know what a “Business Software” should look like and how it should perform. Before discussing the features of our cloud based ERP system lets take a few minutes to understand the AIMS ERP’s depth, philosophy and commitment to your business success.

AIMS ERP is different

AIMS is one of the smart products which DOES NOT funded by venture capital, which is free to focus on long term objective instead of short term investor returns.

Following that, AIMS is product of KodeInn Technologies which is profitable, private owned IT Company. This means our customers do not have the risks associated with a software provider company which may run out of funds or answerable to the investors. All plans tend to have same great features that many of our customers using to generate $500,000/year in sales with 1000+ invoices. This is happening due to AIMS ERP strong back end automation as well front desk helpline.

AIMS ERP is focusing on fair and reasonable pricing strategy. We have real U.K, Australia and Pakistan based in house 24/7 Phone support available free to all customers around the globe.

We patiently focus on Reliable Support

Did you know some of our competitors cause long periods of downtime and unresponsive. You cannot afford to stop your billing software on retail store not even at 11:59 PM. Accounting, HR & Payroll each module is equally important for a small and medium level enterprises which cannot be compromised on non-availability.

Whenever a software become unresponsive or unreliable, it’s usually due to an event which trigged by software update or patch release. We know by experience that it is hard problem to solve. That’s why you need a company like AIMS ERP to get rid of these issues.
Let’s crunch some numbers because this is Important. We offer 99.999% uptime of our ERP Software with POS module. What is difference in common 99.9% and 99.999% stated reference?

99.9% uptime would be 0.1% down time that would be 0.365 days/ year =8 Hours!! What if that 8 hours falls on Black Friday? You can have loss of millions in terms of sales if you would not be able to make the invoices, add purchases or count the current stock from software. The components and physical infrastructure we use are the forefront of the industry. Doing it in this way is expensive but it’s worth it.

We provide meaningful, helpful and timely support

In current system of business by going global it is very easy to offer “24/7” support. But we all know there is a huge difference in Good Support and Bad Support.

At AIMS ERP “all customers get free 24/7 phone, email and support ticket support”. We have teams of real people dedicated to support in our Manchester, Melbourne and Lahore offices listening the calls 24/7, 365 days/year, ready to help.
We think support as success of your business by using our products not just our product’s success and there is no other Cloud Based Business Software provider company that take it too serious as we do. Maybe that’s why so many of our customers painlessly turning their $100,000 business into $1,000,000+ business.