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integrate your POS with E-COMMERCE

Already have AIMS ERP Point of Sale for your retail or restaurant business? You want to make it more efficient and effective with an online presence? Integrate your existing POS with Ecommerce and make your business reach the excellence that will accelerate your business growth. At AIMS ERP, we are providing Woo Commerce and an open cart integration facility. Below are the reasons why you need to integrate your POS with E-COMMERCE:

Automates Data Entry:

In your existing AIMS ERP POS, you have imported or manually entered all the products data, like if we talk about the restaurant management system all the menu items and recipes are already in your existing system and when we talk about retail management system all the products with their units, inventory quantity, and stock details. You just have to integrate your existing system with our retail management system and with a single click, everything will be online so people can order online and get their required products at their doorsteps.

It can enhance your productivity and allow you to manage your POS and website as a single system. After you integrate E-Commerce in your POS you will be able to eliminate all the manual workload and automate it. Your promotional strategies will be less time consuming, you can save time by sending automated emails rather than manually entering every detail and that will be sent on bases of CRM data collectively gathered by your store and website. 

Promotions & Customer Incentives:

Promoting your business on a social media platform using different strategies is the best way to expand your customer base and increase the demands of your product or service you provide. Having a retail system and managing the content on it will attract many customers. You can attract customers by providing promotions or bonuses or you can reduce prices for specific customers. All these strategies will get customers and build a trustworthy relationship with them. After integrating E-commerce to your POS promotional deals, interacting with customers, giving them incentives, and keeping a record of everything can be done with ease. 

Managing Real Time Inventory:

When you have plenty of orders on your physical store you must be aware with the availability of the product on time. You can manage your store and your website with one single AIMS ERP solution that have a feature of synchronization of all inventory about real-time availability of products. Whereas you can easily and very quickly transfer or buy merchandise from one store to another, from your web inventory to a store or from a store to your website that will prevent you from getting out of stock that will end up in losing customers. Not only this, but your POS will be efficient enough to inform and purchase a specific product by putting minimum and maximum values in it so if you run out of something your POS will handle it and do all the work.

Offering Pickups & In-Store Returns:

Online shopping has turned out to be the basic need of this time and is evolving from time to time whereas the Amazon model becomes the new standard. Customers are now preferring quickest and easy shopping experience. Many stores are considering the option of online ordering and onsite pickup techniques to engage more and more customers at the same time. You can manage this once your POS has integrated with E-Commerce in it and making an online store. The normal online order delivery takes two days minimum, so if the customers want to pick the order by themselves the can come onsite of the store and take it. Other than this, returns can be made easy as well that will allow customers to return products purchase online at the store. Add the nearest store locator on your website and show inventory availability in each store for the convenience of your customers.

Leverage Your Existing Customers:

Once customers get connected to your website or store you have their data with you, now you can interact with them through email campaigns automatically generated and sent to the targeted customers. To increase brand loyalty and improve overall customer satisfaction you need a highly efficient system that can manage these tasks for your product or business venture. At AIMS ERP, integrate your POS with E-commerce will provide you these features to target customers on the bases of their buying patterns, etc.

An integrated E-commerce solution is the best option for you to enhance your business and make tasks managed easily and efficiently.

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