Let your business transformed to the next level with AIMS ERP system consists of various enterprise-class solutions that can be tailored to the unique needs of each business.

AIMS ERP for Restaurant

Easy-to-Use Interface

Easy to Understand Interface make the transaction process more simple, stock & staff management on all branches.

Quick Order Management

Simplifying the ordering process by just a few clicks on touch POS screen by slecting menu items and get customer receipts.

Table Management

Manage the placement of orders with tables for your guests and quick alerts on orders completion via kitchen servic screen.

Multi Menu Management

Speed up order process by digital menu. Update and synchronize menu and combo deals in all the branches with a single click.

Quality Control

To maintain the quality of food and customer retention, kitchen screen is provided with the features of recipes to follow.

Inventory Management

Manage current stock, re-order alerts, perfect value of inventory, prevent stock piling of goods and quick dashboard preview.

Customer Retention

Management of customer data, loyalty programs, rewards, and program calculations that are easy and automatic.

Easy Transactions

Variety of payment methods included in POS system to speed up the transaction process and easily reconcile the cash register.

AIMS ERP for Retail

Web-Based Interface

AIMS Retail POS can be accessed anywhere online with easy steps, lightweight and fast enough to perform all transactions.

Easy Product Search

In retail POS all the products are categorized as per their brands & categories to speed up the check-out transaction process

Multi Store Management

Let your all stores be operated with a single dashboard, AIMS Cloud Retail ERP keeps your all stores connected with each other.

Multi Price List

It helps with price group variations, create and manage different product prices for different type of customers at a time.

Sales & Purchase Return

Keep all the record of sales and purchase returns with accurate cash flow and manage their reports with inventory controls.

HR Management

AIMS Retail ERP helps to monitor employee activities, payroll, expense management, attendance and leaves management.

Inventory Management

To manage stock, Retail ERP helps with easy barcoding as per products brand and category to keep you up to date with stock value.

Warehouse Management

A complete warehouse management integrated with accounts, provide separate sales and purchases reports on goods movement.


It is very easy to manage your business with AIMS ERP as we help you to accelerate your business growth. Together with the applications we have developed in general, we integrate your privileges in the system where you will use your privileges with special developments for each sector.


AIMS ERP has an online POS system provides easy and quick access to all staff members and their performance, it manages all the operations by dedicated multiple staff user accounts and roles.


Systematic data on a single click to make quick decisions. Instant notifications of stock refill, expenses, and due payments, calculate profit and loss on daily, weekly and yearly basis.


Complete ERP system has made the POS system strong enough to keep your online transactions safe and secure from any exploitation of data. It favors multi transaction methods like cash, credit and debit.


Increase customer satisfaction & retention by loyalty and reward programs tailored to each customer’s preferences, instant notifications via email or SMS to pick their rewards too.

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